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Local blues artist Angela Easley celebrates big career moment

From South Mississippi to the Music City, singer/songwriter Angela Easley is celebrating a huge moment in her career.

It’s a long way from Pearl River County, Mississippi to Nashville Tennessee, but singer/songwriter Angela Easley has made the journey.

And thanks to the release of her new album ‘Rise,’ this Mississippi girl is celebrating her greatest career achievements thus far. “So excited, thank you God. I have to give God praise for it. My album just debuted yesterday number one on Billboard charts. I have the number one blues album on Billboard charts. And Billboards top of the top. Not only did it debut number one on Billboard but it also debuted number one on Sound Scan charts as well. Rise is also the number one album in all genres of Tennessee via radio play, the Roots Music Report charts. ”

Easley began performing as a child in the church choir.

Now Easley is considered a blues singer, but she describes her work as collection of all her influences including gospel music.

She compares it to a taste from back home. “My music is like gumbo just like the area I come from. It’s got a little bit of everything. There’s a little bit of country flavor, there’s a little bit of soul flavor, there’s a lot of blues, a little bit of funk influence, and some gospel.”

As a child, Easley told her mom she was going to sing on the radio one day. Even though the road hasn’t been easy, Easley credits her determination, drive, and family and friends for getting her through. “My dad used to tell me all the time the ones that don’t make it are the ones that give up. So, I never gave up. That’s my message. I’m proud to be from Mississippi. I’ll always be a Mississippi girl.”

‘Rise’ is available everywhere digitally and in select stores.